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Interview with Richard Ragle

This week, on Novelwatch . . .

Dr. Richard Ragle, author of The First Law, a look into science and spirituality, is here for another breathtaking interview. A self-proclaimed “physician by profession, artist by passion”, he, in addition to being a medical doctor, creates dazzlingly unique sculptures. After reviewing his work, I can honestly say that you should check it out; it’s amazing, gorgeous, and definitely thought-provoking.

Nicole: When did you start writing? Will it continue to be? What inspired you to begin writing?

Richard: I'm not sure I've started yet :)    Life will determine if my writing career continues. My inspiration was a dream I had when I was 19yrs. old. It was an incredible dream and since then I thought the story needed to be told.

N: Name your favorite book-to-movie adaptation. What is it about it you like?

R: Lord of the Rings. An amazing movie that used some creative license when making the movie, but I think followed the spirit of Tolkien vision.

N: Your book has a lot to do with God. What is God for you?

R: For me, the word of God comes in different forms. It is the quiet, often intuitive voice I hear when in pray or meditation -- if I am listening. If I'm being self centered and willful, I don't hear the quiet voice. Often I hear God's word from others--which is why I surround myself with people also on a spiritual path. Last I hear the voice in written word. I believe God is the energy binding every atom and sub-atomic particle in the universe. It is conscious,,, thus can be "everywhere at the same time." Quantum physics/mechanics is proving this...
N: One of the themes in your work is heart vs. brain. Do you think that our heart or our brain controls who we are?

R: I believe the two are so intertwined it is impossible to separate. I believe we are conditioned from childhood to live out what we were "PROGRAMED" with by our parents, teachers, world, etc. We learn what we saw growing up, and then live out as adults what we learned. We either do the same thing we were taught,,,or rebel and do just the opposite. Both are dysfunctional.

N: So I heard that you’re also a doctor and a sculptor, in addition to being a writer. How did you choose?

R: I believe we show our priorities by where we spend our time. So my passion is sculpture/ making objects de art, then medicine, then writing. (Probably not a great answer for a writing forum  :)

N: How do you juggle your menagerie of talents?

R: It's nice to have a balance of Rt. brain and Lt. brain activities.  To be able to use intellectual skills, then balance it with creativity is wonderful. I juggle to whatever I need at the time...

N: If you could become one of your characters, who would it be and why? What would you do differently in your story?

R: Leydon in "The First Law."  He feels unconditional love for others and behaves as such.

N: Name your most annoying thing about the writing process. Coming up with a story? Editing? Cover art?

R: Editing! I'm not good with spelling, grammar, syntax,,, having a degree of dyslexia makes this process interesting :)    Thank God there's editors like Michelle Izmaylov that help with this step.

N: What has been your great success in writing? How did you feel?

R: Finishing The First Law, which is a story from a dream I had 30 years ago. So it's been a long time in the making.

N: If you could go back five (or ten or twenty) years in time, what writing advice would you give yourself?

R: Pay attention in English class...

You can find out more about Richard at, or check out for more on The First Law.

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