Monday, June 27, 2011

Forms of Self-Expression

There are many forms of self-expression. Drawing, writing, dancing. What’s yours?

Dancing . . . I can’t dance. I’m uncoordinated. But! I love to hum and sing, especially while playing my violin and/or the piano, and I usually don’t dance so much as skip around to the beat of the music. Music is definitely fun.

Drawing. Well, considering that I failed art class—I can’t draw. But that doesn’t mean I can’t doodle! [doodles]

For me? Uh . . . I write. A lot. I have so many stories, poems, haikus—which is a kind of poem—etc. stashed away every which where. It’s interesting to say the least. This is the art form I prefer for obvious reasons. And writing is awesome. It takes my mind off of things. It makes me happy.

What makes you happy? What are your favorite forms of self-expressions?

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